Monday, December 17, 2007

Do the Right Thing and post to your blog

Well, this was by far the most-discussed film in class this semester. Hopefully, you haven't exhausted every wonderful thing you have to say about it. Once again, here are the criteria for the blog posts. Pay attention to the note beneath the bullet-points:

o Discuss/analyze an important scene
o Expand on a discussion question from class, whether from a film or a reading
o Make a connection to the real world/current events
o Discuss/analyze an aspect of cinematic style important to the
o Discuss/analyze a topic or theme important to the film
o Relate it to another film, either from class or personal viewing
o Discuss ideas for future viewing inspired by film

Note that none of these bullet-points includes saying that you really, really liked or disliked the movie and why (that's what the polls at the top of the page are for). It's not that I don't care whether or not you liked it, but I'm far more interested in your analysis and interpretation than a cursory opinion.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Battle of Algiers blog post

OK, for this blog post, go to this page, and link to one of the six reviews/discussions of the film. Note that two of the links are audio (so, if you're tired of subtitles, here you go). Read/listen to the piece, and write a response to it. Write about what you learned, what the writer/critic missed, what it made you think about, etc. Remember, these reviews came out 3-4 years ago -- feel free to mention anything that's happened since then in your response.
Note: It's likely I'll ask you to comment on someone's post at a later date, so keep in mind you're not writing this for me.