Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Western blog post -- Yeeehaaww!

OK, so for a refresher, here are the posting guidelines, taken directly from the blogging assignment from the beginning of the semester:
o Discuss/analyze an important scene
o Expand on a discussion question from class, whether from a film or a reading
o Make a connection to the real world/current events
o Discuss/analyze an aspect of cinematic style important to the film(s)
o Discuss/analyze a topic or theme important to the film(s)
o Relate it to another film, either from class or personal viewing
o Discuss ideas for future viewing inspired by the film(s)
o Answer film-specific questions that might be posted on my blog
Notice that you can write about one specific film, or both (Stagecoach and Unforgiven) -- there are few limitations on this, as long as you're writing something interesting and it's related to the Western. Note that "interesting" usually doesn't include things like "This movie rocks/sucks because ..." Use your personal voice, but use your brain, too. You want to write something that an audience will find thought-provoking.
Don't forget -- comments on at least three different blogs are due Friday!