Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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One of my goals now that you guys are blogging is to get myself back on track in the blogging department. This is where I normally post my thoughts on whatever movie I've recently seen. As you can see, I haven't posted in awhile -- the birth of a first child will do that to you, I guess. Still, I plan to try a return to normalcy (ha!) soon, at least in the movie-watching department. Hopefully my next blog entry will be about the new Coen Bros. film Burn After Reading, which I want to see this weekend.
The main reason I blog, as I outline in the "About Me" section, is so that I can have some lasting, concrete impression of a film that is there forever and that I can refer to whenever I'm trying to recall a film I've seen. There are tons of other reasons, though, like this one, posted in response to a quiz here:

Because I wanted to engage with fellow cinephiles and movie lovers. I like posting my thoughts as a means of engaging in a discussion. And sometimes I like it because I just want to trade jokes or quips with someone to brighten my day

Hopefully you'll find you're own unique reason to blog.