Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blog Mix-tape Vol. 1

Around the next time a blog post is due (on the Western, sometime after MEA break), you'll also be asked to leave comments on at least three other blogs. I was very impressed with the variety and quality of the first blog post -- I wanted to highlight several for you here so you have someplace to start when it comes time to read blogs and leave comments.

First, Dan nails exactly what I hope to see more people do with their blogs -- he takes a moment we never talked about at all in Citizen Kane, gives us an image of it, and analyzes it in insightful, engaging manner. Elsewhere in 1st hour, Brent takes Juno to the woodshed.

Lots of interesting posts in 2nd hour -- Bill analyzes the opening scene to a recent film called Mongol, Matt K. compares Mark Wahlberg's character in Four Brothers to Metallica's James Hetfield (circa 2008, not Master of Puppets-era Hetfield), Oliver does a great job taking the subject of his journal #2, All the King's Men, and comparing it to Citizen Kane, Grant makes a great Scrooge reference and comes up with the best blog title I've seen so far, and Matt S. writes fondly of villains in film.

On to 3rd hour: Andrew has an interesting theory about Rosebud, Jack has some interesting observations about lighting in Kane, Andy talks about "Trash Cinema" and links to a clip of a Turkish Rambo. Really. Also, Hilary has a hilarious takedown of Never Back Down. Jared raised my blood pressure with his post about his dislike of black-and-white movies, but at least he was honest and articulate. I'm sure this subject will come up again. Lastly, Dan analyzed one of my favorite scenes from one of the funniest movies ever, This Is Spinal Tap. Hello Cleveland!

6th hour: Connor talks about color symbolism in The Sixth Sense, Stephen talks about his love for Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Johanna provides a thorough, insightful analysis of Kane.

Strong work, people.